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We have worked closely with Scott and Jennie in their DAO ministry, supporting them by helicopter to access the tribal remote location in Papua, from the beginning. Seing their diligance and hard work, from initial surveys of the area, to their first contacts with the tribe, the language learning, needed cultural adaptations and the first presentation of the gospel years later, has been a real privilige for us to experience.

What once was considered an unreached tribe in isolation is today an isolated tribe with a thriving local church. It is evident that the Gospel and the testamony of Scott and Jennie have made a lasting impact, despite endured hardships and setbacks. It is clearly seen in the first believers who embraced the liberating message of Jesus Christ, and then turned evangelists themselfs, to reach surrounding valleys and neighboring villages, some being their former enemies.

Scott and Jennie continue strong in Bible translation and teaching, while the tribal church is growing under it’s own local leaders. While raising their family they continue to share about the plea for the unreached and desire to mobilize people for missions.

Hans Kummer, Executive Director of Hope From Above