Wikipai’s Testimony

Wikipai’s Testimony

The words of Wikipai

Ese Idukaa ani ebo menaa yiin taa kaboo da Ego, ani meno see gaama, Yaai, mée boomaata kaamaa kaase ukuwaapa ya? kayoo peetaakea ya? Mée boomaata kaama, botaa da, dimpaa to kuwa sinipaa keemaagea, sinipaa peetaakea ya?

Ebo menaa yiin taa kaboo da kisee. Meno naadi aa meemaame. Aa meemaata kaama, meeno sekoda mée tupime sema. Sekoda mée tupemaata kaama, mée tupegee naadi sekoda sikii see kaboo ebo mena tupime. Hadi minguu mena kuwa tupime. Eto uduma ipi kemaata kaama ni me, “Ye! Ese paamee kasega nemome. Uduma mikee menaa. Mikee mena too naawegape!”

Mike mena too naawegape, kisee geegaake eto. Minee menaa wegaape, epekaa boomaata kaama mikee, eto ko bogaano weda taa. Bogano ese pedí see agiyoo. Ni se wedaaga.Bogaano mee ese peedi see agiyoo sema? Ese paamee kasega! Eto kaam woodo ko, ese kuwa Ebeatamee me menaa kuwa Yesusi waa me daamaa dimi kuwa nekeenta kaama wodoo, Bokee mee ese peedi see agiyoo ani ese se wedaaga. Kaama taa agiyoo waa eto kisee.

Translation: Long ago when I hadn’t heard the Creator’s talk, I used to think to myself, “After we die what will happen to us? Where will we go?” After we die do we go to the place of the evil spirits our ancestors told us about which we call “Sinipaa?”

Before I heard the Creator’s Big talk that is the way I thought. And then you came to us. You came to us and begin teaching us of these things and also how to read and write. And you also taught us about and explained to us our Creator’s Big message to us. After you had taught us through our Creator’s Big message to us I finally thought to myself and also told you, “Wow, thank you so much my friend for coming to us and teaching us about these things, this is a true talk!”

And it really is the true talk that you have taught to us and I am so grateful for it and this is still the way I feel. You taught us the truth and so now I am not the least bit afraid of death or what will happen to me afterwards. I am not afraid anymore because now I realize that death is only a small thing, isn’t it? I just thank you so much. From that point forward that I heard our Creator’s true talk and understood what His Son Jesus did for me, I realize what He has done for me and that is what has taken away my fear of death.

Not long after Wikipai gave this testimony of the change Jesus made in his life, Wikipai lost his life while carrying out an outreach to a neighboring village, but even on his death bed he was a strong testimony to the entire tribe that he was confident in the work of Jesus Christ on the cross for his salvation and that for him, the fear of death had been broken and done away with. He was looking forward to the day he would be united with Jesus face to face. Jesus had become Wikipai’s ultimate treasure.