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Every last person should have access to God’s Word no matter how remote their location or what their circumstances are!


Imagine that you had been born in a remote jungle village in Indonesia. You want to read about your Creator’s story but there were not yet schools in your village when you were a kid and now your eyes are too bad to learn how to read. But then one day, your heart leaps with joy because for the first time you see a simple and possible solution…the solar audio Bible!

There are many tribes people that are in this very situation and each one of them would benefit greatly by having access to this unique and wonderful device. Just imagine! Older people with eye problems, people in remote areas without schools… individuals that would like nothing more to be able to hear God’s Word whenever and wherever they would like, all finally having a way they can sit and listen to God’s Word despite their remote locations and hard circumstances!

In the midst of our continuing to translate the whole Bible, both Old and New Testaments, into the Dao language We are endeavoring to provide 1000 of these solar audio Bibles, loaded with our recently completed New Testament in the local language to the remote tribes people of Indonesia this coming year. We are also trusting the Lord for the funds needed for the airplane tickets that need to be purchased in order for our family to hand carry these units to the tribes people! Please pray with us about this need. 

If you are interested in getting behind this project financially, there are four ways that you can give:

  • You can give online by credit card or set up monthly donations through the link on this website
  • You can give by sending a check to Desiring Advancement Overseas (address below)
  • You can give through PayPal by using our email address: [email protected]
  • You can give over the phone or set up monthly donations by calling +1(423)693-1248 and giving us your credit card information and donation amount.

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