Our Mission...

We exist to see a passion for God spread to the last unreached and isolated people groups.

What we do ...

Facilitate Bible Translation

We Work with Churches and Ministries to see the printing and distribution of Bibles for isolated  people groups that do not have the ability to easily gain access to Bibles in their own language otherwise.

We work with Christian Aviation organizations that support remote missions efforts through the
transportation of the missionaries, and their supplies so that their translation and church planting efforts can continue.

We work to raise awareness in Churches, Schools, Universities, Conferences and various forums
about the isolated and remote people groups that are still waiting for their first opportunity to hear and read about their Creator and His son Jesus Christ.

We mobilize and facilitate believers that have a desire to be a part of seeing the yet unreached
people groups have their first opportunity to hear the gospel.

We work to support and train national evangelists and pastors that are trying to reach out to other
isolated and remote areas of their own countries and tribes and other isolated and remote people groups.

Because He said “GO”